Why you should contact Mosquito Squad now to stay protected and “fight the bite” all season!

Spring in Montgomery and Howard County MD means mosquitoes!Spring has sprung here in Howard County and Montgomery County MD! The days are longer, temperatures are a little warmer, and even the skies seem a little bluer. I guess you could say “spring fever” is in the air, additionally the milder days and nights will also make way for something more sinister in the air; as mosquitoes to take flight and begin the hunt for their first blood meal of the season. Now is the time to begin taking precautions in advance of the mosquitoes and potential mosquito-borne illness they carry. As temperature rise, so does mosquito activity.

Mosquitoes, like most insects, are cold-blooded creatures. As a result, they are incapable of regulating body heat and their temperature is essentially the same as their surroundings. Mosquitoes function best at 80o F, however if the temperatures are below 80 degrees that doesn’t mean mosquitoes aren’t still lurking. Mosquitoes are still present in cooler temperatures becoming lethargic when temperatures fall to 60o F, and temperatures of 50o F or cooler will leave them unable to function. During warm, spring days, species such as the day-biting Asian Tiger mosquito will be out in full force taking cover as afternoon temperatures plummet into the evening, while other species lay in wait, propagating their numbers for when warmer evenings arrive.

Spring in Montgomery and Howard County MD means mosquitoes!

Spring in Montgomery and Howard County MD means mosquito season is soon approaching!

In temperate climates, adult mosquitoes become inactive with the onset of cool weather and enter hibernation to live through the winter. Some kinds of mosquitoes have winter hardy eggs and hibernate as embryos in eggs laid by the last generation of females in late summer. The eggs are usually submerged under ice and hatch in spring when water temperatures rise. Other kinds of mosquitoes overwinter as adult females that mate in the fall, enter hibernation in animal burrows, hollow logs or even the  basements of our homes and pass the winter in a state of torpor. In spring, the females emerge from hibernation, blood feed and lay the eggs that produce the next generation of adults. A limited number of mosquitoes overwinter in the larval stage, often buried in the mud of freshwater swamps. When temperatures rise in spring, these mosquitoes begin feeding, complete their immature growth and eventually emerge as adults to continue their kind.

Howard and Montgomery coiunty MD mosquito control

The best way to halt the population of mosquitoes in your backyard and reduce the chances of coming into contact with a mosquito that could potentially be carrying a mosquito-borne illness this season, is to begin planning your mosquito control NOW. Our most popular mosquito control service, our traditional barrier spray, will decrease your yard’s mosquito population by 85-90%! Our trained technicians treat key areas of your property, eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact and providing continuous protection, reapplying every 2-3 weeks.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Montgomery County and Howard County MD today to secure your spot as part of our mosquito control and prevention program today! Right now we are offering $75 off when you sign up for a full season of mosquito control for new customers! Contact us at (301) 926-3001 or email us at montgomerycounty@mosquitosquad.com.

Mosquito Squad of Montomgery County and Howard County is the mosqito eliminator!



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